FERLITO - Company


  Ferlito, Ferros do Litoral SA, was founded in 1989. Currently has an ownership structure 100 per cent owned by Oscacer. Oscacer is a company with 62 years in Portuguese business.

  Although younger than major competitors, Ferlito is a reference for all industry players, given the peculiar competitive position and continuous promotion of strong and stable relationships.

  Ferlito dedicates to the marketing of long steel products (rod concrete, beams, bars and steel pipes), plans (hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanised, electrogalvanised, picked and oiled, floor plates anti-slip, laser, abrasen resistent, Corten-corrosione resistent) and wire drawing (meshes, wires and nails), products for construction segments or metallurgy segments, locks and other industries.

  Over time Ferlito adopting a model of sustainable development not only in price, but mainly focus in quality service and quality of supplied products, combined with the constant search on forefront of technological solutions.

  The line of cutting profiles and concrete rod, dubbing machines and others that represents some examples, in addition to the decisive contribution of the lines of cutting plate (up to 12mm, transverse and longitudinal), guillotines and cutting, synergies that contributes to the Oscacer Group through the Centre for steel services.

  Without forgetting the strength and strategic importance of geographical positioning as an enabler of excellence in quality services, currently has distribution centers and headquarters in Ovar and Palmela.

  The approval, certification and excellence of marketed products are the philosophy result of careful selection by national and international suppliers, by rigid parameters.

  The human factor is central to the normal and appropriated organizations functioning, Ferlito provides value through a group of professionals strongly committed to the establishment of solid relationships, human, or commercial, being the guarantor on interaction with all audiences who daily deal with the Ferlito employees.